We are a strategic design unit, based in London. We help all kinds of organisations to make things people want, rather than make people want things.

Strategic design bridges disciplines and departments, roles and responsibilities.
It is concerned with all the factors around a thing, not just the thing itself.

Taking this approach means we base our work and build our teams around the problems you actually have.

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Home Cured Bacon

No, not the usual kind of Smithery post… but these are strange times, no? Helen and the kids bought me a bacon curing course for my birthday a few years back, and since then I have regularly made some bacon we’re feeding lots of people (Christmas, half-terms, camping trips, etc). I offered to share the…

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28 Days Later

It’s hard to know whether London is quieter this weekend, or just feels quieter. A new chapter for “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” no doubt. Interesting to note how quickly a poster information campaign can be everywhere though. The last mass media format. via Flickr https://flic.kr/p/2iBJqqb

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Plant-Based Lifeforms

There’s something quite Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy about the phrase ‘plant-based’ – echoes of the description of humans as ‘carbon-based lifeforms’. If it persists as a phrase, ‘based’ is a term that might end up doing a *lot* of heavy lifting, in the same way that ‘craft’ does in beer. via Flickr https://flic.kr/p/2ix52Py

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Startup Prontoprint

Kinda interesting – positioning itself as a walk-in creative studio, where you pay by marketing services by the hour. “Marketing for all” they say on the website. Which is also possibly just flipping round the standard printshop model, where if you wanted the poster, they had someone on site who’d design it for you too.…

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“Working with Smithery has been a brilliant adventure for my entire team. They are not afraid of a challenge and their creativity and passion have opened our minds up to more innovative ways of working by helping to shape our thinking, actions and behaviours. Their work has helped us to create the culture of change we’ve needed to continue on our path of growth.”

Julie Doleman


“I’ve found that if you have half an idea that you are excited about – John probably has the other half. He has a generous imagination earthed in an intellectual rigour that makes him a rare bird. I have benefited from his eclectic frame of reference and uncanny ability to make generative connections between people, ideas, genres. Working with John feels like play – why isn’t all work like that?”

Tracey Camilleri

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

“We love working with Smithery; an awesome source of brilliant ideas and endless energy in our creative process.”

Thomas Moradpour


“John is the single most creatively fertile person I have met in the last five years”

Adam Morgan

Eat Big Fish